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Polish Traditions & European Quality

FORMSON manufactures plastic products using modern injection moulding techniques.

We’re here to support your business each step of the way. Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team can guide you through the development process. With FORMSON, you can shape the business you want with a range of premium-quality plastic products designed, manufactured, packaged and shipped from Poland.

We want to show you how we can support your needs.

A Family Business & Modern Technologies

For 40 years, we have manufactured plastics using injection moulding techniques to match clients’ requirements.

We constantly improve the quality and speed of production processes through investment in modern, innovative technology – helping you quickly and efficiently drive your business forward!

The environment matters

Although we are constantly producing new products, we take energy efficiency and waste management very importantly, that’s why we invested in our own 50 kW photovoltaic installation to power the technology park. Moreover, we have introduced intelligent resource management to minimise our environmental impact.

This includes using recycled plastics as source materials and creating additional, practical products from the excess materials that would, otherwise typically, be thrown away during the production process. You can feel comfortable that your business partner values the natural environment as much as you. 


Flexible Design Options

Perfectly blend with your website design.

Pick a Design
In some societies, pink is the color of little girls. It stands for sweetness and spice, and everything nice. Pink is considered a ladylike, delicate hue by most people.
Examine out a variety of customization methods. Experiment with printing, embroidery, and other fulfillment options to discover how you can personalize your items.
You get unforgettable memories deserve modern and professionally-designed work with the best color quality on premium, sustainable paper. Now print just a few clicks.

Let Us Help You

If your mind is full of ideas of forms and vision but you lack the means to materialise them – you now have a chance: FormsON – Turn your concept into a product!

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Do you have an idea, vision or concept? Do you need support in the implementation of the project? It's great that you came here!

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If you are unsure of how to package your product - relax! FormsON has a wealth of experience designing and packaging products for a range of markets.
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Do you have the option of implementing a new project, but you lack warehouse space? Don’t worry, we offer a broad range of storage options.

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Rodzinna tradycja

Mimo upływu czasu, udało nam się zachować rodzinny charakter firmy, co wyróżnia nas spośród innych przedsiębiorstw. Każdego dnia dbamy o dobrą atmosferę w pracy, co owocuje zaangażowaniem Pracowników i ich wieloletnim stażem w naszych szeregach

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